Coldwell Banker Select believes strongly in the entire idea of home – and we believe that home is not just the four walls and a roof where you sleep. Home is also the community where you work, where your kids go to school, where you go to church - it's the small businesses you visit, the restaurants you eat in and sidewalks you travel. It’s where you participate by interacting with other community members in a number of different ways every day. Home is also where we extend a helping hand to our neighbors.

We at Coldwell Banker Select are so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity, the ability and the privilege to give back to our community – to make our homes stronger, better and happier in our actions and contributions. Our agents don't just understand real estate. They understand what home is all about.

And the best thing about this list? It doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what our agents do on an individual basis with their own volunteer hours, charitable board positions, donations, activities in the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtor’s outreach committees, and more. We care about our home as much as you do. Ask a Coldwell Banker Select Agent today what they do to make an impact in their community - and how they help create a happy home for all of us!

Each week we focus on a new agent who gives back to their community. Check back on this list often to see who we have featured on our Facebook page and the organization they personally support!

11/4/19 - Ginger Halsrud, Mustang Office, Manna Pantry in Yukon
11/25/19 - Pamela Strange, NW OKC Office, Gateway Express Testing

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